Business Strategy

PepperLime Health's Strategy

We believe the ongoing growth in consumer health and wellness markets industry presents us with a significant opportunity. There are a number of growth drivers, such as regulatory changes that allow for more accessible medical treatments via telehealth, mobile health and other digitized channels, changing population demographics and growth and increased destigmatization of healthcare services around mental and behavioral health needs.

We believe that the coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic has demonstrated the importance of intentional self-care, which includes physical, emotional and care and have conviction that this trend will persist in a post-COVID-19 world. In particular, we have identified physical health, behavioral and mental health, wellness and women’s health and sleep health as areas where digital health and technology-enabled products and services are emerging to provide accessible, affordable, customizable and destigmatized care to a large and growing patient population. With advances in technology, digital therapeutics allow for increased access to care and provide healthcare professionals with the flexibility to scale healthcare services by employing a digital platform.

In the case of health, we believe there is a vast opportunity around the growing mainstream understanding that health and wellness is an important part of whole person health and is crucial to relationship satisfaction. While we have long heard about the importance of diet and exercise, the conversation around the positive impact of health is just becoming mainstream. Positive trends toward the destigmatization of diversity, a growing understanding of the nuances of gender and identity and a greater focus on care for women throughout their stages of life has catalyzed an emergence of new consumer-branded and technology-enabled products that serve people across demographics. In addition, there are new use cases, growth and attention paid to legacy brands.

The consumer healthcare and wellness industry and the health and sleep related health verticals in particular, are highly fragmented and host a large number of private companies that could benefit from our team’s deep industry expertise. We have a proven track record of implementing strategic and financial initiatives to turn around stagnant brands, as well as accelerate growth in already high-growth properties, build out platforms through acquisition, expand to new demographics and geographies and utilize new types of technology and media effectively and innovatively.